Is this the first cartoon about 3D printing?

3d printing cartoon

A cartoon about 3D printing (additive manufacturing).

A cartoon showing a computer-generated 3D resin model of a man generated from digital scans of the man. The cartoon was drawn before the concept of 3D printing entered mainstream public awareness, and definitely before the cartoonist (me) had heard of the existence of 3D printing technology

I’m sure that 3D technology must have existed for a few years before I drew this cartoon, but possibly only in research labs and places that were experimenting with early prototypes of 3D printers. 3D printing definitely wasn’t in the zeitgeist.

The humour in the cartoon lies in the fact that highly advanced computer technology is being used to produce a representation of a stereotypically simple and technologically unsavvy old gardener.
The cartoon is partly a comment on the fact that advanced technology inevitably often ends up being used for mundane purposes (just look at television and mobile phones, where trivial content has to be bounced off satellites in order to reach its destination). This is not a criticism of this phenomenon, just a humorous observation.
A cartoon about hi-tech manufacturing, garden furniture, garden statues, statuary, self portraits, gardening,

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