Cartoon. Brain function in the elderly slower than in the young

old people slow thinkers cartoon

A cartoon about the fact that older people are slower thinkers than young people. However, they are also deeper thinkers.

Cartoon. Old people are often dismissed as slower thinkers than the young (especially by the young). However, due to their maturity they are also deeper thinkers than the young. This depth of thought is often overlooked and ignored by the young (because younger people have more superficial thoughts).
In this cartoon the thoughts of older people are likened to the flowing of a great river as it nears the sea – slow and deep – with the thought processes of younger people being compared (by implication) to the rapid, shallow, tumultuous flow of streams nearer the river’s source.

Slower brian function is often equated with loss of brain function, however this doesn’t necessarily imply a simple correlation with inferior brain function.
Of course degenerative brian diseases are another matter.
A cartoon about diminishing brain function in the elderly, brain degeneration, mental skills, IQ tests, intelligence, brian function, wisdom, cognition, cognitive impairment.
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