Cartoon – describing visual art in words can obscure the art’s meaning and impact

cartoon - descriptive words in speech balloon obscuring visual artwork

Art criticism and art appreciation cartoon. A cartoon about the limitations and drawbacks of artistic analysis.

Art cartoon about drawbacks of art criticism.
The cartoon is illustrating the way that verbal analysis of nonverbal media can obscure the meaning of the work due to the limitations of verbal analysis. Verbalisation is inadequate at expressing some nonverbal sensations, reactions, emotions etc that are conveyed in the visual (and other nonverbal) arts.

Cartoon showing two people in an art gallery looking at a painting. One is talking about art and the speech balloon containing the words that he is saying is obscuring the art, getting between the art and the viewer. He is saying “Sometimes describing art in words only serves to obscure the work.”
Cartoon reference number: a136
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