Surrealism cartoon: Salvador Dali lobster telephone and shrimp cell phone

Salvador Dali cartoon - lobster cell phone

Surrealism cartoon
Salvador Dali cartoon: Lobster Telephone

Cartoon showing surrealist artist Salvador Dali’s Lobster Telephone – and his less well known Shrimp Cell Phone (or in Britain, Shrimp Mobile Phone)

Dali’s Lobster Telephone is also titled Aphrodisiac Telephone
The joke of course is that a shrimp is to a lobster as a cell phone is to a landline phone (especially an old fashioned one as in Dali’s lobster phone)
Just to clarify things – I made the shrimp phone up
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Contemporary art cartoons

contemporary art cartoons

Contemporary art cartoon heading illustration

An illustration featuring a sculpture of the words contemporary art

In this drawing the words contemporary art are depicted as sculptural letters in the self consciously naive crude artless style of some contemporary art

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Illustration about food obsession

food obsession - Magritte pastiche

Cartoon about food obsession
Magritte pastiche

An illustration about eating disorders or obsessive food disorders, drawn as an editorial illustration for an article about the subject in the Guardian newspaper
The cartoon is based on Rene Magritte’s painting of a person with an apple in front of his face
The beefburger in front of the woman’s face represents obsession with food

Notice that the hills in the background are in the form of food, and the clouds in the sky are in the form of loaves of bread – a reference to Magritte
An image about surrealist art, surrealism, diets, dieting

Ref: a614

Rene Magritte cartoon parody

Rene Magritte parody of the Son of Man

Magritte pastiche
Rene Magritte cartoon parody of The Son of Man (French: Le fils de l’homme)
The image shows a banker with a coin in front of his face based on the Magritte image of a man with an apple in front of his face

The idea behind this image is that bankers (and others in the finance industry) see only money and profit. This is implied by the coin that is floating in front of the face of the banker, blocking his perception of anything else but money

A comment on finance, capitalism, priorities

The £ sign on the coin can be changed to any other currency

Ref a612