Childcare cartoon – grandparents doing childminding

Grandparents childminding cartoon. Zimmer frame with pushchair seat attached

Child care cartoons
Grandparent childminding cartoon
Zimmer frame cartoon

A grandmother looking after a baby while the parents pursue other activities.
The grandmother is using a walking frame that also acts as a baby carrier.

A cartoon commenting on the way that in the early twenty-first century young professional couples are very reliant on childminding duties carried out by grandparents.
The fact that in the cartoon the parents are pursuing leisure activities implies that these particular parents are taking the grandparents for granted. This is meant to illustrate the ‘have it all’ self-fulfilment ethos of the age.
A cartoon about grandparents, extended families, family, old age, generations.
Drawn: 2011
Cartoon reference number: zim710
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