Contemporary art cartoon. The Art of Repulsion

Cartoon showing contemporary sculpture in an art galley. The sculpture called Bogey Man is made from human bogeys

Cartoon showing a contemporary sculpture in an art galley

The scuplture is in the modern genre of repulsive art. The sculpture is called “Bogey Man” and is made from human bogeys.
Cartoon illustrating the type of contemporary art that aims to shock and revolt. A comment on the type of artwork that is made of substances such as human bodily fluids and excrement – feces, faeces, or fæces, shit, urine and such-like.
To some extent it’s about the superficial masquerading as the profound, which is true of a fair amount of contemporay art (though by no means all, as I’m a fan of the stuff myself).

An illustration about contemporary art, modern sculpture, unusual art materials, repulsion, charlatanism, decadence.

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