Control freak cartoon. Gardening cartoons

Control freak  cartoon. Gardening cartoon

Control freak cartoon.
Gardening cartoon

Cartoon of a gardener obsessively measuring the height of his plants.
His daughter has overheard her mother chatting to a friend, and the child is asking her father “Daddy, what’s a control freak?”

A cartoon about control freaks, anally retentive behaviour, children saying embarrassing things, regimented garden design, flower arrangements, formal garden layouts, obsession with order, psychology of gardening

This is a joke about the cliche of the stereotype of the man and his shed – where the garden shed is a man’s ‘den’ or hideaway from his family, where he can do manly (though unthreatening) things.
Part of the joke is that you wonder why the garden shed would have a cellar, and what might be in it.
It is a cartoon about masculinity, male territory, territoriality, men’s interests, gender roles

Ref: a258