Dalek cartoons. Daleks and stairs cartoon – using a wheelchair access ramp

dalek cartoon - stairs and disabled access

Dalek cartoon
Daleks using a wheelchair access ramp instead of stairs

This dalek cartoon is based on a well known dalek cartoon by cartoonist Birkett that appeared in Punch in 1981.
In the original cartoon the daleks were thwarted in their ambition to conquer the universe by a flight of steps or stairs, as daleks are famously of limited or restricted mobility (as they are basically motorised wheelchairs).
In my updated version there is a wheelchair access ramp alongside the stairs, allowing them to now conquer the universe.
When the original Birkett cartoon was drawn there weren’t as many wheelchair ramps or as much awareness of disabled access. Part of the joke in this cartoon is that the daleks can now conquer the universe because of the well intentioned increase in handicapped or disabled access (an example of unintentional consequences).

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