Damien Hirst exhibition cartoon – vegan art gallery visitor

Damien Hirst exhibition cartoon - vegan visitor

Damien Hirst cartoon. Can a vegan or vegetarian visit a Damien Hirst exhibition?

Cartoon originally created for the Damien Hirst exhibition at Tate Modern, London, 2012.

The caption of this cartoon reads:
“I’m not going in there – I’m a vegan.”
The joke in this cartoon is based on the fact that Damien Hirst’s work includes a lot of (real) dead animals, usually placed in glass cases (or vitrines) and often preserved in formaldehyde.
Hirst’s most famous work is a shark in formaldehyde. He has also used sheep and cows, some of them cut in half or into sections.
The cartoon poses the question – if a vegan or vegetarian visited a Damien First exhibition would it be against their moral or ethical principals?

Hirst was a member of the YBAs or Young British Artists. Perhaps now he’s a member of the MABAs, or Middle Aged British Artists.
A cartoon about art, morals and ethics.
Created: 2012

Cartoon reference number: a147
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