David Hockney cartoon. Hockney trees through the seasons paintings (and smoking cigarettes)

David Hockney serial landscapes through the seasons

A cartoon about David Hockney and his landscape paintings of the East Yorkshire wolds.

Cartoon. Since his move to Bridlington artist David Hockney has been painting in the East Yorkshire wolds, studying and capturing the changing light and colour through the seasons.
His paintings are to be displayed in a major exhibition of his work, The Bigger Picture, at the Royal Academy of Arts, London, between January and April 2012.
The exhibition includes Hockney’s recent experiments in digital painting on an iPad.
The cartoon shows a series of David Hockney paintings of the same group of trees at different times of the year, spring, summer, autumn, winter, with the differing light and the different appearance of the trees. The final painting shows the trees burnt down due to a fire caused by a discarded cigarette end.
David Hockney is famous for his commitment to the freedom to smoke cigarettes.
The joke is that one day his enthusiastic smoking habit may have a down side (although Hockney would argue that that’s his business, not yours).

A cartoon about David Hockney, cigarettes, smoking bans, freedom to smoke, fag ends, cigarette butts.
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