Art etching. A bird in the helmet from a suit of armour

Etching of bird in armour

Art etching. A bird in armour (or to be more precise, in the helmet that is part of a suit of armour).

An etching depicting the helmet of a suit of armour being used by a bird as protection. The helmet has several bird-related features, such as a beak-like nose section and wings as a device on the top. Notice several other birds in armour helmets in the background – one in flight. An arrow is bouncing off the helmet.

This image isn’t exactly a cartoon in the conventional sense, as it is a limited edition fine art etching. Slightly surreal or surrealist.
Apart from being a funny image it is also an image about armour plating as a defence not only physically but psychologically. To some extent the armour is an encumberance that prevents the bird from flying well. The bird could be a metaphor for creativity, with the armour holding it down and restricting it from ‘flying free’. It’s amazing what you can read into an image when you put your mind to it.
Cartoon reference number: a002
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