Facebook cartoon. Facebook flotation cartoon. The commercialisation of social media

facebook revenue cartoon

Facebook cartoon. Facebook friends cartoon

Facebook flotation cartoon, showing a Facebook page with the message “On-line marketing wants to be your friend”.

There’s a strong possibility that following its proposed stock market flotation Facebook will change from being a social networking site into a commercial marketing site, appropriated by business and commercial interests as a channel for selling their goods and services.
The process has already started, with data about Facebook users ‘likes’ being used as a means of targeting and reaching potential customers.
The joke in the cartoon is that business interests cannot be your ‘friends’ as they are only interested in you because of your money.
A cartoon about the commercialisation of social media sites. A cynical view on what it will mean to be a Facebook friend in the future.
The Facebook share price following market flotation will probably drop if the site loses its status as a social networking site.
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