Happy faces on fingernails. But the face on the thumb looks glum

fingers and thumb nail faces

Photo of fingers and thumb with faces drawn on nails

Happy faces on finger nails. But the thumb looks glum.

I’m putting this photo up now because it bears a similarity to a work by David Shrigley, who has a major exhibition – Brain Activity – opening at the Hayward Gallery today.
The David Shrigley artwork that it resembles is’Passport’, 2005. It’s probably similar to other Shrigley works, but that happens to be the one that I’ve seen (as of yesterday).
My photo was created by me in March 2001, so any similarity to David Shrigley is totally coincidental, unless he saw my work of course.
The image shows faces drawn onto fingernails. The faces on the fingernails are all looking happy and smiling, but the face on the thumb is looking glum. That’s because the thumb feels that it is doesn’t quite fit in with the close-knit group of fingers who have always been very close to each other.
The picture that may be about happiness, togetherness, group identity, friendship, alienation, outsiders, rejection, cliques,
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