Garden design cartoon – arranging plants in a garden border in alphabetical order

Garden layout cartoon - alphabetical planting

Gardening cartoons. Arranging flowers in an herbaceous border

Cartoon about garden design, laying out garden borders

Cartoon showing a man planting flowers and shrubs in a garden border

The joke in this cartoon centres on the fact that the man who is laying out the garden has no aesthetic appreciation of design or colour in the garden, and is basing his design on categorisation of the plants by name. This is his idea of creating order and control in the garden, and this is what he is happy with.
An important aspect of this cartoon is that the man is arranging his plants in alphabetical order – not in order based on species (which may be a method of planting that places order over aesthetics, but at least such a planting scheme has a rationality to it, whereas planting in alphabetical order is to some extent random and thus is an illusory form of rationale).
A cartoon about planting schemes, garden layout, garden design

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