Karl Andre cartoon – the ‘Tate bricks’. Modern art cartoon

karl andre bricks cartoon

Karl Andre cartoon – the Tate bricks
A cartoon from my selection of modern art cartoons

A cartoon about Karl Andre’s artwork Equivalent VIII at the Tate Gallery.
This cartoon was drawn in January 2013, inspired by the Karl Andre exhibition Mass & Matter at the Turner Contemporary art gallery in Margate. The cartoon refers to the controversy over Andre’s work in the 1970s.
Karl Andre is a minimalist sculpture, whose work often consists of repeated units such as bricks, tiles or blocks of wood.

Karl Andre’s artwork Equivalent VIII, often known as the Tate bricks, caused quite a lot of controversy in the mid 1970s when it was displayed at the Tate Gallery (in the building that is now Tate Britain).
A cartoon about contemporary art, art galleries, iconoclastic art, iconoclasm, iconoclasts
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