Last Night of the Proms wordless anthems – cartoon

last night of the proms cartoon

Last Night of the Proms – cartoon.

A cartoon about singing of Land of Hope and Glory and Rule Britannia at the last night of the Proms

The last night of the Proms has been controversial in some people’s opinion for many years, due to the singing of the songs Land of Hope and Glory and Rule Britannia. The words of these songs are described as jingoistic and vainglorious with their references to the greatness of the British empire.
This year (2020) the songs are going to be performed without the words. It’s said that this is because of the covid 19 pandemic, but I suspect that it’s at least partly due to the current climate of sensitivity to issues around race and empire.
The joke in the cartoon is that the BBC has turned off the subtitle facility for the broadcast, so that even the words don’t even appear as subtitles, and therefore people at home can’t sing along with the tune karaoke-style.
For the record, I’m not a big fan of the words, but I’d like to see them just fade away as an irrelevancy than actively ban them.
Drawn: 31st August 2020
Cartoon reference number: a833