Mayan prophecy cartoon

mayan prophecy replacement - cartoon

Mayan calendar cartoon
Mayan 2012 prophecy wrong – what next?
The world didn’t come to an end on 21st December 2012 – what news story will take its place?

A cartoon about the Mayan ‘prophecy’ of the end of the world at the winter solstice 2012.
The prophecy didn’t come true, so the huge news hype that surrounded the story will have to end. The drawing shows a press newsroom where editors and reporters are cynically on the lookout for a similar tabloid doomsday story to replace the Mayan prophesy story in the news cycle
The cartoon is about people’s seeming need for end of the world stories. It is about millenarian stories and millenarianism. Millenarianism is the phenomenon of wishing for or expecting a huge upheaval that will either end the world or will change it radically.