Modern art cartoon – Marcel Duchamp taking the pissoir

modern art cartoon - marcel duchamp taking the pissoir

Dadaism cartoon. Marcel Duchamp Fountain – is Duchamp taking the pissoir

Cartoon about artist Marcel Duchamp’s Dadaist artwork The Fountain.
The Fountain is a urinal from a gents’ toilet, or in French a pissoir.
The cartoon shows Duchamp removing a pissoir from a toilet in order to turn it into an artwork simply by declaring that it is a work art.
The joke in the cartoon is – is Duchamp taking the piss? Is he making a joke at the expense of the artist establishment?

Marcel Duchamp is best known through his use of “ready mades” A ready made is a mundane everyday object that is elevated to the status of art by virtue of being removed from its quotidian environment and placed in an art gallery.
Duchamp was a member of the Dadaist art movement. Dada was an offshoot of surrealism. Surrealist art ad Dada both flourished in the mid twentieth century.
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