Optical illusion. Old hag or young woman?

optical illusion - old hag or young woman

Optical illusion cartoon. Do you see a young woman or an old hag?

This illustration is an updated version of the classic optical illusion or ambiguous image of an old hag or a young woman

The drawing is an example of ambiguous visual information that can flip from one interpretation to another.

My own feeling is that it’s normal to see the image as being of a beautiful young woman first. The old hag is only seen after a bit of searching. There are several possible reasons for this. One is that people (especially men?) have a tendency to notice beautiful young women more than ugly old hags. Another is that the image of the old hag is more exaggerated and less naturalistic than that of the young woman.
I’ve tried to make the old hag more easily distinguishable by giving the two people in the image mirrors so that you can tell which direction they are facing.