Global warming cartoon. A polar bear and penguins marching

environment cartoon - polar bear and penguins cartoon

Environmental cartoon. Global warming cartoon showing polar bear and penguins marching to protest against global warming and the shrinking ice caps.

A cartoon about shrinking ice caps, shrinking polar caps, climate change, global warming.

One of the humorous points about this cartoon is that polar bears and penguins live at opposite poles (penguins in the Antarctic and polar bears in the Arctic), and thus never meet in normal circumstances (apart from in cartoons). In this cartoon the fact that they are in the same cartoon is meant to convey the notion of solidarity and of the whole world mobilising to fight climate change.
This cartoon can be used in a short version or a long version (in fact as long as you want – just add penguins). And either way round. The other version is show in the next post.

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