Roy Lichtenstein cartoon parody of Whaam! Copyright infringement cartoon

lichtenstein whaam copyright cartoon

Copyright infringement cartoon. If you think that this cartoon is arguing in favour of ignoring copyright – you’re wrong! Without copyright to protect our work, people such as myself would go out of business, and no-one would be able to afford to spend time creating anything anymore.
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Cartoon: Roy Lichtenstein parody of Whaam!
Whaam! parody

Cartoon/illustration: Pop artist Roy Lichtenstein parody.

A cartoon on the subject of copyright infringement or copyright violation.
As an illustration of copyright violation I’ve drawn a cartoon illustrating the way that pop artist Roy Lichtenstein copied or plagiarised images from cheap comic books.

In the case of Lichtenstein’s Whaam! and similar pop art works, does such work count as plagiarism, copyright infringement and copyright violation?
Was Roy Lichtenstein just a copyist at this stage in his artistic career?
The creators of the original comic book art from which Lichtenstein borrowed get no credit or mention as creators of the work. They are anonymous, while Roy Lichtenstein gets all of the credit (and money!). The comic book original of this image was drawn by Irv Novick
The illustration is based on Roy Lichtenstein’s Whaam! but isn’t an exact copy of it, although it’s close enough to the Lichtenstein version to make the point about plagiarism. The plane that in being hit in the Lichtenstein painting has been replaced by a copyright symbol which is being destroyed.
The pilot of the plane (Lichtenstein) is saying “That’s what I think of copyright!”
Another artist who deserves to be named and shamed on the subject of copyright violation is Richard Prince, an American artist who, amongst other things, has made almost exact copies of pocket cartoons (such as those found on this site) and sold them for hundreds of thousands of pounds, as ‘art’. I wouldn’t mind if he paid the original cartoonist a percentage. Why doesn’t he do that?

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