Silence is Violence cartoon – divisive protest slogans

Silence is violence cartoon

Silence is violence cartoon.

This is a cartoon about divisive protest slogans.
The slogan Silence is Violence is used in Black Lives Matter demonstrations.
This isn’t a cartoon about BLM as such, but about this particular slogan. The slogan may well pre-date BLM, as it’s a very catchy slogan.
It’s my feeling that the slogan is divisive and intimidating, in the manner of sayings such as If you’re not with us you’re against us.

The slogan turns everyone who is not a vocal supporter of whichever movement the saying is applied to into an enemy. This is very intimidating and threatening. It’s also not a good way to attract allies or to foster sympathy or support for your cause – in fact I think it drives people away, which is very counterproductive.
I’ve placed a very old person in the cartoon as the silent person, to show that it’s ridiculous to expect everyone to be an activist.
The saying Silence is Violence can theoretically be applied to all issues, so theoretically everyone has to speak out on all of those issues. Users of the slogan are therefore in danger of being hoist on their own petard.
Drawn: 20th July 2020
Cartoon reference number: a823
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