Solar powered sundial cartoon – a sundial with solar panels

electronic sundial cartoon

Garden cartoon – a garden sundial that is powered by a solar panel and that has a digital display

Cartoon showing a digital sundial

The original version of this cartoon was drawn many years ago, before the start of the recent proliferation in solar panels.
Part of the joke is that sundials are very low-tech devices, whereas the device in the cartoon is very high-tech. Both use the sun as a way of telling the time.
The cartoon questions the need to make everything hi-tech, because the normal sundial works almost as well as the solar panel electronic clock in the cartoon (except when the sun’s not shining of course, but let’s not get pedantic).
There is a companion cartoon that goes with this one in which a traditional sundial is advertised as a ‘solar powered clock
A cartoon about alternative technology, garden ornaments

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