Spain economic crisis – Spanish bank needs propping up – Bankia cartoon

spain bank bankia propped up cartoon

Cartoon about the Euro crisis in Spain.
The bailout of the Spanish bank Bankia – cartoon

Cartoon about the financial crisis in Spain, showing the fact that the bank Bankia needs propping up.

The joke in the cartoon is that the building that houses the headquarters of the Bankia bank is of an unusual architectural design, appearing to lean over dramatically.
The cartoon shows a person taking a photograph of another person who is standing so that in the photo he looks as though he is propping up the tower that is the hq of Bankia. This is a direct reference to what tourists do when they are standing near to the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

As well as being a straightforward joke about the leaning tower, the cartoon also has the more serious underlying point in that it asks whether the support given to Bankia will be effective, and whether the effectiveness in holding back the possible collapse of the euro currency will be illusory (shown by the illusion of the man holding up the bank in the photo).
A cartoon about the euro crisis, bank bailouts, struggling economy, banking debt.

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