Unethical business practices cartoon. Business ethics and tax evasion

company motto - didn't do anything illegal - cartoon

Business ethics cartoon
Tax evasion cartoon

A cartoon about corporate ethics and ethical codes and ideology in business
Morally reprehensible business practices

A cartoon about morals and moral attitudes in businesses, corporations and companies.
This cartoon was drawn after several businesses and corporations tried to excuse their dubious practices with the reason that “We weren’t doing anything illegal” or “It was all within the law” – as though the only yardstick for restraining sharp or devious business practice was whether it was legal or not.
The instances involved include the tax avoidance schemes of the Starbucks coffee chain, in which Starbucks contrived to make a loss rather than a profit on its enterprise in the UK so that it paid no tax.
The other instance was the ‘Kate hoax” – the case of the telephone hoax or ‘prank’ perpetrated by two Australian radio presenters on the 2DayFM radio station, where they phoned the King Edward 7th hospital in London to fraudulently obtain and broadcast information about the the Duchess of Cambridge (Kate Middleton). The prank resulted in the suicide of one of the nurses who was caught out by the hoax, Jacintha Saldanha. In this case, while the two presenters may have mainly been guilty of youthful irresponsibility and the naive assumption that everything was just a bit of fun, the radio station’s parent company, Southern Cross Austereo, stated that the hoax wasn’t illegal, which, even if true, was reprehensible.
A cartoon about corporate greed, business ethos and ideology, and corporate mission statements