Will Greece drop the euro? The Discobolus (Discus Thrower) in a metaphor for the Greek financial crisis

greece euro crisis discobolus cartoon

Cartoon about the Euro crisis – Greece. Discobolus (Discus Thrower) dropping the euro

Cartoon about the financial crisis in the euro zone, especially in Greece.

Chris Madden cartoon showing the ancient Greek statue or sculpture the Discobolus, or Discus Thrower, by Myron as a metaphor for Greece and the Greek economy, with the discus replaced by a euro coin which the discus thrower has dropped. A pedantic note – the statue of the Discobolus in the cartoon has got the head pointing in the correct direction – most versions of the statue in existence (all are Roman copies of the lost original) are reconstructed from fragments and have the head looking forwards and down, which was found to be incorrect when a nearly complete version was uncovered.
The cartoon is about the possibility of the Greeks dropping the euro.
If Greece drops the euro they will return to the pre-euro Greek currency, the drachma

The dropped euro has cracked the plinth on which the Greek statue stands, and the euro coin is bouncing into a dustbin (which mirrors the shape of the plinth on which the Discobolus stands.
Chris Madden cartoon about the financial crisis in Greece, political cartoon about the eurozone falling apart.

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