Photoshop Elements 8 for Digital Art, Illustration & Cartoons

A Step by Step Guide by Chris Madden

Cartoons in Photoshop Elements

EVERYTHING you need to know about drawing, painting and cartooning in Elements 8
(or any other version of Elements for that matter)

Designed with art in mind, not only photographs.

See five star customer reviews on Amazon

 See five star reviews for the Elements 3 and Elements 4 editions
(under the title Create Art and Cartoons in Photoshop Elements)

  • THE UNIQUE LAYOUT: for artists rather than photographers. 
  • UNIQUE GRADING SYSTEM. Pages coded by complexity - so that you can concentrate on your own level.
  • A 50 PAGE STEP-BY-STEP SECTION guides you through ALL of the basics.
  • IN DEPTH sections on all of the tools and techniques that you'll need (For instance there's a 48 page section on the brushes and erasers alone - what other book offers that?).
  • Introducing the book.
The techniques in the book are easily transferable for use with full versions of Photoshop and other versions of Elements.

How to Draw Cartoons and Digital Art in Photoshop Elements

Colour Figures
Colour versions of the book's illustrations

The book's contents:

Quick contents
Contents in detail

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