Art appreciation cartoon – check official view of artwork before forming an opinion

Modern art cartoons - Art appreciation cartoon

Modern art cartoon
Cartoon about the difficulty of judging modern art.
Is this artwork good or bad?

Cartoon about the difficulty in accessing whether art is good or bad.
The cartoon is partly an illustration of the role that art critics and art curators have in judging the merit of artworks and selecting them as worthy of display in exhibitions.
The argument goes that to the uninformed eye some artwork is of dubious merit when in fact it may be very significant in the history of art or in the development of art movements. Or it may just be art that is ‘difficult’ and ‘challenging’.

Cartoon showing a person in an art gallery or museum looking at a piece of modern artwork that shows (to him) little artistic merit. He may well be thinking “A child could do that!” or “I could have done that!”.
Realising that there may be more to the sculpture than meets the eye the man is checking what is written about the artwork in the official guide to the art exhibition.
This cartoon is about art interpretation, art appreciation, art criticism, contemporary art, readymade art, dada, art made from rubbish or everyday objects.

There’s a later version of this cartoon here.

Cartoon reference number: a154
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