Cartoon about garden birds and bird nesting boxes

Bird nesting box cartoon

Cartoon about garden birds and bird nesting boxes

Cartoon showing a gardener looking at a bird that is nesting in a birdbox in his garden.
The bird is building a nest in the nesting box and is carrying nesting material to the nest.

The man is thinking “Isn’t that one of my prize delphinium seedlings?”

Birds as garden pests taking seedlings.
The cartoon also about the subject of being taken advantage of – the gardener has thoughtfully and kindly provided the bird with a nesting box, but the bird has then proceeded to take the gardener’s plants. Of course in real life the bird wouldn’t realise what it was doing, but this is a cartoon, and in cartoons animals are often as conscious of their actions as humans are – in fact they are humans in animal form.

Cartoon reference number: a246

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