Cooking cartoon. Kitchen cartoon

Cookery cartoon: a man looking at a sauce pan in a kitchen and wondering what it's used for

Cookery cartoon or kitchen cartoon

A man looking at a saucepan in a kitchen that’s full of gadgets, wondering what the saucepan is used for
He’s saying “What’s this gadget used for?”

A cartoon about gender differences, about deskilling, and about changes in food preparation methods
Cartoon drawn: 2002
Cartoon reference number: fd003
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Cookery cartoon or kitchen cartoon: a kitchen full of utensils, of which only the tin opener is ever used

Cooking cartoon - kitchen utensils

Cookery cartoon or kitchen cartoon
Cooking utensils cartoon

A kitchen full of utensils and food preparation gadgets, of which only the tin opener is ever used

The caption of this cartoon reads ” I have all these kitchen utensils – but the only one I ever use is the tin opener.”
Drawn: 2002
Cartoon reference number: fd002

Gardening cartoons: using a teapot to apply weedkiller

Gardening cartoon - using kitchen utensils in the garden

Gardening cartoon
Garden weedkiller cartoon

A gardener using a teapot to apply weed killer or pesticide to flowers

A cartoon about domestic gender related roles and attitudes – here the male role outside in the garden and the female role in the kitchen – with the man having a cavalier attitude to kitchen utensils.
Original drawn: 2005
Cartoon reference number: gar010

See my book of gardening cartoons here.
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Illustration about food obsession

food obsession - Magritte pastiche

Cartoon about food obsession
Magritte pastiche

An illustration about eating disorders or obsessive food disorders, drawn as an editorial illustration for an article about the subject in the Guardian newspaper
The cartoon is based on Rene Magritte’s painting of a person with an apple in front of his face
The beefburger in front of the woman’s face represents obsession with food

Notice that the hills in the background are in the form of food, and the clouds in the sky are in the form of loaves of bread – a reference to Magritte
An image about surrealist art, surrealism, diets, dieting

Ref: a614