Cooking cartoon. Kitchen cartoon

Cookery cartoon: a man looking at a sauce pan in a kitchen and wondering what it's used for

Cookery cartoon or kitchen cartoon

A man looking at a saucepan in a kitchen that’s full of gadgets, wondering what the saucepan is used for
He’s saying “What’s this gadget used for?”

A cartoon about gender differences, about deskilling, and about changes in food preparation methods
Cartoon drawn: 2002
Cartoon reference number: fd003
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Cookery cartoon or kitchen cartoon: a kitchen full of utensils, of which only the tin opener is ever used

Cooking cartoon - kitchen utensils

Cookery cartoon or kitchen cartoon
Cooking utensils cartoon

A kitchen full of utensils and food preparation gadgets, of which only the tin opener is ever used

The caption of this cartoon reads ” I have all these kitchen utensils – but the only one I ever use is the tin opener.”
Drawn: 2002
Cartoon reference number: fd002

Sudoku Cartoon

sudoku addict cartoon

Sudoku addict cartoon

A man who is addicted to games such as sudoku

A cartoon about addictive personality types
Cartoon drawn: 2007
Cartoon reference number: cjm004