Environment cartoon book

Environmental cartoon book

The Beast That Ate the Earth
Environment cartoon book

Versions of many of the environmental cartoons on this site can be found in my book, The Beast That Ate the Earth.

I’ve been drawing cartoons on environmental matters since the early 1970s.
The book was published in 2004 and contains about a hundred cartoons in black and white.

The book is available through Amazon.
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Profiting from climate change – cartoon

profiteering from global warming cartoon

Climate change cartoon.
A businessman making his business diversify into boats due to increased flood risk.

As global warming results in more floods there will be a greater demand for boats.
The cartoon shows a businessman suggesting that his manufacturing company diversify into ship and boat building.

A cartoon showing manufacturing companies and businesses adapting to changing demands, and about the adaptability of capitalism.

Drawn: 2017

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Environment cartoon – floods caused by climate change

global warming flooding cartoon

Flooding caused by global warming

Following the recent flooding on the Somerset Levels (February 2014), the government is blaming the Environment Agency for lack of foresight. However, it’s not just the Environment Agency who may be blamed for not seeing what was in store. Governments refuse to take action on global warming, and populations in general refuse to confront the possibility of climate change

A comment on postponing taking action about global warming, using the saying “We’ll cross that bridge when we get to it”. Unfortunately, due to flooding, the bridge can’t be crossed.
From my collection of cartoons about global warming, climate change, floods, anthropogenic weather
Cartoon reference number: env076b

Cartoon about floods following drought

drought flood cat cartoon

Drought and floods cartoon.

Cat cartoon.

A cat taking refuge from a flood by sitting on a sign that warns of drought.
The cartoon was drawn as a reaction to the very wet weather and floods that followed a period of very dry weather here in the UK in April 2012.

The cartoon applies to any period of uncertain, changeable or unpredictable weather.
Cartoon reference number: a160
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Environmental cartoons: Noah’s ark and climate change cartoon

Noah's ark needed for climate change floods

Environment cartoon
A proposal to use an ark (like Noah’s ark) to rescue animals from floods caused by climate change

Climate change predicts rising sea levels that could cause catastrophic flooding

If climate change causes floods on biblical proportions is Noah’s ark the solution?
Cartoon reference number: env078
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Environment cartoon. Global warming graph in the form of Hokusai’s Great Wave

Global warming graph cartoon Hokusai

Global warming cartoon
Global warming graph in the form of Hokusai’s Great Wave

This climate change cartoon uses Hokusai’s Great Wave to illustrate the effects of global warming – particularly the effects on the change in the sea level and the weather

The Great Wave by Hokusai is frequently appropriated by cartoonists, often to represent disasters.
In this cartoon Hokusai’s wave shows the ultimate effects of global warming. The gradual, almost unnoticed, increase in the effects of climate change slowly accumulate, with ultimate devastating effect. The effects are only taken seriously too late, by which time the effects cause environmental disaster (not necessarily only flooding or tsunamis, which here are actually metaphors for wider consequences)
Cartoon reference number: env079

Climate change cartoons. Flood cartoon – global warming causing flooding

Environment cartoon - we'll cross that bridge when we come to it

Climate change cartoons
Flooding cartoon

Climate change may cause serious floods. The cartoon shows an official from a government environment agency procrastinating over doing anything about it, with the words “We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it”. When the inevitable flood actually arrives the bridge is uncrossable due to the flood

An environmental cartoon about procrastination, short-termism, planning, contingency plans

Drawn: 1991

Cartoon reference number: env076
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