Contemporary sculpture cartoon

modern sculpture cartoon

Flat pack art.

The cartoon shows a person constructing a piece of sculptural artwork from a flat-pack kit.
The sculpture is in the flatpack form of furniture and fittings available in stores such as Ikea.
The sculpture is labelled as an Ikea Skulptr, in homage to the unusual spelling (to English speakers at least) of Ikea products.

Part of the joke in the cartoon is the contrast between what is often seen as the elitist and high-brow (and expensive) world of contemporary art and the mass market (and cheap) consumerism of shops such as Ikea.
Cartoon drawn: 2019
Cartoon reference number: art050
This cartoon features in my book of cartoons about art.
See the book here.
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Vinyl records – a fashionable music format for the 21st century.

music formats - vinyl - hipsters

A hipster explaining to his father that modern young people listen to music on vinyl – as though it’s a new format that older people wouldn’t understand.

This cartoon is about the way that young people often feel superior to older people because older people aren’t necessarily up to date with technology.

The cartoon is about the psychology of youth – about the way that young people often fail to appreciate the fact that their modern world was created by people who went before them.
The fact that the music format being used is an old fashioned or retro format, while the young person in the cartoon still feels superior to the man who grew up with the technology, is part of the joke about youth setting itself up as superior to age.
The young person in the cartoon is a hipster – a youth sub-culture of the 2010s.
It’s a cartoon about the generation gap.

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Cookery cartoon

Cookery cartoon - recipe book for beginners

Cookery cartoon – a recipe book for beginners

A cartoon showing a person reading a recipe book to find out how to prepare baked beans

A cartoon about how to cook convenience food and about how people don’t know how to cook
Cartoon reference number: a569

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Winter is the dormant season for plants – and people

gardening cartoon - winter is dormant period

A cartoon about gardening and male behaviour.
Winter is the dormant period for plants – and for people

This could also be a joke about a stereotypical lazy man

A cartoon about laziness, seasonal activity, the seasons in the garden, the rhythms of nature, lethargy, stereotypical gender roles, cliches of masculine behaviour, seasonal behaviour.
Cartoon reference number: a193

See my book of gardening cartoons here.

Cartoon – a man who will clean his garden fork but not kitchen forks

Cartoon - cleaning garden fork

Gardening cartoon – a man lovingly cleaning his garden fork

A cartoon about gardens and gardening, with a bit of gender politics thrown in.

A cartoon showing a man carefully cleaning his garden fork, while his wife looks on and complains that he spends so long cleaning his garden tools but won’t do any cleaning in the house (He’ll clean the garden forks but not the kitchen forks).
A cartoon about domestic gender roles in household work, sexual stereotypes, gender equality.
Drawn: Nov 2011

Cartoon reference number: a169

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