Computer cartoon. Is reading books better than looking at computer screens?

Cartoon youth looking at computer screen - doesn't engage in the 'real' world - like reading books

Computer cartoon
Is reading books better than looking at computers?

Is reading books engaging in the real world in a way that using computers is not?
The cartoon is partly about the way that older people perceive books as being more worthy than digital media.

A cartoon about computer use and over-use, immersion in digital technology, facebook generation, generation gap, cultural shifts, generational differences, computers versus books, demise of printed media.
Drawn: 2007
Cartoon reference number: tec004

Understanding digital technology cartoon

Cartoon - adults and new technology

Digital technology cartoon

Cartoon showing the difficulty adults have with new technology
Cartoon shows a baby instructing its mother how to use a digital recorder

A cartoon about progress, technological innovation, technological illiteracy, keeping up with or being left behind by technology

Cartoon drawn: 2007
Cartoon reference number: tec002
How to obtain license to use cartoon

Sudoku Cartoon

sudoku addict cartoon

Sudoku addict cartoon

A man who is addicted to games such as sudoku

A cartoon about addictive personality types
Cartoon drawn: 2007
Cartoon reference number: cjm004