QAnon cartoon

QAnon cartoon

QAnon cartoon.

QAnon is a far-right conspiracy theory grouping that is currently gaining followers, possibly due to the influence of the US presidency of Donald Trump.

Followers of QAnon believe in a wide number of far-fetched conspiracy theories, which seem to be growing all the time.
Hence the punchline of this cartoon: “Join the Q!”
Drawn: September 2020
Cartoon reference number: a847

Conspiracy theory cartoon

conspiracy theory cartoon

Conspiracy theory cartoon.

The cartoon shows a person holding a placard stating “Truth lies in following the evidence”.
Another person holds the same placard with the lower part ripped off, so that the part that he holds reads “Truth lies”.

\A cartoon about conspiracy theories truth, facts, fake news.
Drawn: August 2020
Cartoon reference number: a831

Conspiracy theory cartoon

Conspiracy theory cartoon - road sign

Conspiracy theory cartoon – sign of the times.

A road sign with multiple roads leading to conspiracy theories.
One road leads to truth, but the road is closed.

The cartoon is about the current proliferation of (and acceptance of) conspiracy theories, as we now seem to live in a post-truth fake news world.
The climate of conspiracy theories is a sign of the times, hence the sign and the title of the cartoon, Sign of the Times.

Cartoon drawn: 30th July 2020

Cartoon reference number: a826
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Covid-19 cartoon – pandemic conspiracy theories

covid-19 pandemic conspiracy theory cartoon

Cartoon about the pandemic of conspiracy theories about the covid-19 pandemic.

The conspiracy theories about the origin of the covid-19 coronavirus include it being created in a Chinese lab, being released by Bill Gates so that he can control the world, and that it is caused by G5 signals from phone masts.

A cartoon about conspiracy theories, gullibility, psychological delusion, going viral.
Drawn: 11th July 2020
Cartoon reference number: a818
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Coronavirus cartoon – conspiracy theories and myths about how covid-19 started

coronavirus myth cartoon

Covid-19 coronavirus cartoon – a myth about how it started.

A cartoon about the myth that the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic started because the virus was released from a lab in China.

The person in the cartoon is saying “Here’s a REALLY worrying virus-myth statistic – an incredible 75% of the population don’t believe it started in a lab!”
The point of the cartoon is that people who believe that the virus started in a lab are just as certain that they are right as the people who believe that it wasn’t. The believers in the theory think that they are clear-sighted enough to see round the official obfuscation about the matter.
A cartoon about conspiracy theories, gullibility, psychological delusion.
Drawn: April 2020
Cartoon reference number: a773

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The “post truth” society

Cartoon about ignoring the truth in favour of prejudice

Post truth cartoon or conspiracy theory cartoon.

Truth and facts being ignored in favour of emotional or prejudiced viewpoints.

The concept of ignoring the facts when reaching a decision about something, and letting the heart rather than the head rule, seems to be a phenomenon that’s on the rise. It has recently been labelled ‘post truth’.
In the cartoon I’ve linked it to the phenomenon of conspiracy theories, which are frequently used as a way of justifying irrational or unproven ideas.
The rise of post truth tendencies is said to be linked to people’s increasing use of social media via phones and electronic media and the tendency for internet algorithms to send people only information that they already agree with – however the tendency has always been there in the way that people purchase newspapers that agree with their political and other views.
It may also be linked to the current mistrust of experts.
Cartoon reference number: a756

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Conspiracy theory cartoon. Conspiracy theories are a smokescreen to hide the truth

Conspiracy theory cartoon saying that conspiracy theories are actually a smoke screen for the actual truth

Conspiracy theory cartoon
A conspiracy theorist saying that conspiracy theories are actually a smokescreen for the incredible truth

The cartoon shows conspiracy theorists bending the evidence to fit their own theory, thus ensuring that they will never have to concede that they are deluded

A cartoon about delusion, cranks, conspiracies, area 51, false, fake, gullibility, gullible, hoax, implausible, ludicrous, plots, secret knowledge, moon landing hoax

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