Gardening cartoon about cutting a branch from a tree – and forward planning

saw branch off tree - cartoon

Garden tree cartoon – sawing a branch off a tree while sitting on the branch

Cartoon about the cliche of a man sawing a branch off a tree while sitting on the branch.
In the usual version of this cartoon cliche the man is sitting on the part of the branch which will fall to the ground when cut – a joke about human stupidity.

In this version of the cartoon the man has realised this danger and has sat on the part of the branch that will remain attached to the tree.
However, he’s overlooked the fact that his ladder was leaning on the branch and has fallen to the ground, stranding him on the stump of the branch high in the tree.

A cartoon about hubris, the law of unforeseen consequences, insufficient planning, foreword planning, flawed planning strategies, flaws in reasoning.

Cartoon reference number: a281

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