Nike appears on all Olympic medals. That’s Nike the Greek goddess, not Nike the sports shoe manufacturer

nike olympic medal product placement cartoon

Olympic Games medals cartoon
Nike, Greek goddess of victory, appears on all Olympic medals

Nike is not only the name of the Greek goddess of victory, which appears on all Olympic medals – it’s also the name of a running shoe brand.

Nike, the sports shoe company, could be said to benefit by association with the fact that Nike the greek goddess is depicted on all medals in the Olympics.
A sort of subliminal product placement.
The cartoon implies that other running shoe manufacturers are unhappy about this, and have managed to impose a ‘gagging order’ on the press so that they can’t mention the fact that Nike is on the medals (which is perhaps the reason why so few people realise that she is).
A cartoon about product placement and sponsorship in the Olympic games.

Cartoon drawn: 2012

Cartoon reference number: oly010