Insect cartoons – house fly cartoon

fly in armchair reading book - cartoon

Insect cartoons – house fly cartoon

Cartoon of a house fly reading a book (or a magazine)
The book is a pulp fiction horror book

An anthropomorphic cartoon of a housefly sitting in an armchair, reading

Part of the humour in this cartoon is that the housefly is sitting in such a ‘homely’ setting, and is obviously not an unpleasant creature at all.
Notice the pattern on the chair cover – composed of insects (where the human equivalent would show flowers), and the piece of cake, which is going nicely mouldy.
This cartoon is in a similar vein to a Gary Larson cartoon from his Far Side cartoon feature. However, the similarity is coincidental, as I’ve been producing cartoons like this since before Gary Larson became established. It’s a sort of zeitgeist thing, where different people working in the same field produce similar work at the same time, because it’s in the air.

A slightly different version of this cartoon first appeared as a greetings card published by Paperlink

Cartoon reference number: a338