Chemistry Cartoons

Here are a few of my cartoons about chemistry

These cartoon strips first have appeared in Chemistry World,
the magazine of the Royal Society of Chemistry.

If you would like to use one of these cartoons please make a note of the reference number beneath it
then go to my licensing page.

alchemy cartoon chemistry


A cartoon about the financial factors that can influence scientific research budgets.
Kekule's dream about benzene structure cartoon


A cartoon about August Kekule's dream in which he realised the molecular structure of the benzene molecule.
The cartoon hints that the structure of dna could have been thought of in the same way.
invisibility paint cartoon


A cartoon about the invention of paint that makes objects invisible.
Chris Madden chemistry cartoon


A cartoon about the use of arsenic as a poison.
chemistry cartoon memory drugs


A cartoon about a chemical that affects memory by causing short term memory loss.
Chris Madden chemistry cartoon


A cartoon about the invention of a chemical that changes colour as a result of human emotions or thoughts.
Chris Madden chemistry cartoon - genetic modification


A cartoon about genetical modification that creates 'self-packaging food' by the modification of a plant's cellulose.
genetic modification chemistry cartoon


A cartoon about genetical modification based on the expression 'pigs might fly'.
truth drug chemistry cartoon


A cartoon about truth drugs and their possible use by repressive regimes.
popular science tv programme cartoon


A cartoon about popular science programmes and their presenters.
x-ray crystallography cartoon


A cartoon about x-ray crystallography and rorschach tests (and spiders).
chemistry research budget cartoon


A cartoon about budget cuts in scientific research projects.
Internet dating for scientists cartoon


A cartoon about internet dating for nerdy and geeky scientists.

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