Create Art and Cartoons in Photoshop Elements 5

or Photoshop Elements 6

If you are using Photoshop Elements 5 or Photoshop Elements 6 you'll find that the techniques
in the Photoshop Elements 4 book are directly applicable to your version.

The different versions of the programme vary mainly in areas concerned with photo storage and management, and in areas concerned with applying 'quick fixes' to photos (such as altering the contrast or removing a colour cast). When it comes to creating and manipulating images they are almost identical.

Elements 6 - a personal criticism.
One more thing. If  you are thinking of purchasing Elements 6, try it out before you buy it. It has a much darker interface than the earlier versions of the programme, and I personally find it quite unpleasant to use. Not only are the icons and panels dark, but the whole screen is coloured dark gray too, and cannot be adjusted.
If you're new to Elements you may find version 6 hard to use because the icons and panels are so dark and hard to see, making finding your way around difficult (See the examples below).
If you already possess a version of Elements and you're thinking of upgrading to version 6, it may be worth keeping both versions on your computer until you decide which is most suitable to your uses.

Below left: How a typical palette appears in Photoshop Elements 4.
Below right: The same palette in Photoshop Elements 6. (The whole screen is covered in the dark colour that's behind the palette too!)

Interface comparison - Photoshop Elements 6 and Photoshop Elements 4

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